Dripped with Myrrh Essential oils.

On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. (Revelations 22:2

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Tree of life
Dripped with Myrrh!!

I am a wellness advocate. All that means is I get to help people feel better, support their health/wellness/vitality using essential oils.

My testimony of healing through essential oils started way back in 2000 before EO became popular. They saved my life, along with other healing protocols that I implemented of course to heal myself even though I did not realize how much power I had at my fingertips.

I grew up in Cameroon we used herbs for everything. I only went to the hospital thrice in all 18yrs I lived there. When I was born, when my mom carried my baby sister on her back holding my hand we walked over an hour and a half to the nearest hospital for the polio vaccine and when I swallowed a bone at 5yrs old.

Health insurance?? What is that? Didn’t know what any kind of insurance was till I came to the US. We could not afford to run to the hospital for every little thing so we knew our herbs like the back of our hands. Had to, it’s not like we had a choice, we were all herbalist by default.

Cold and fever——–Fever grass (Lemongrass) , Eucalyptus steam treatment

chicken pox—-we had a grass for it too I don’t know if the names we gave them were their scientific names, I actually know they were not. Most often they had no names, we just knew what we were looking for when we went to find herbs and did not need a name. A lot of times we called the grass or herb by what it cured.

Most of them were edible except the eucalyptus bark leaves and shavings used to make a steam treatment for malaria, thyfoid fever and other severe illnesses. We would chew some, rub some in the palms to extract the nectar/juice and apply topically, smell it for aromatherapy, and then make tea with it. Mbanga oil (black oil from the kernel of palm nut not the red palm oil which is pressed from the actual nut itself and is red in color) was great for breaking fever after the eucalyptus steam treatment. Several herbs worked for several things, bitter herbs and Kola nut were good for stomach aches; hibiscus leaves and flowers were great in enaema for constipation.  

I had a skin disease called Filaria that is transmitted by the culex mosquito. It has no cure. When I came to the US I was excited that with these state of the art medicine I will finally get rid of this horrible skin rash. I went to several dermatologists but they all gave my creams that only helped to bleach my skin. On top of that the American diet was not treating me too kindly. I gained close to 20lbs within a very short period of less than a year and I was no couch potato. I worked out for several hours several days a week.

I set out on a quest to get back to 20lbs lighter or better and to find out what was wrong with me. I was wondering why I was gaining so much weight and found out that the standard American diet is not all that great for you. I started there. for a whole year I ate only organic vegetables, low carbs if any, what they call today keto diet at the time there was no name for it and I did not know it was a diet. I just stopped eating junk.

I knew I needed herbs but there were no places to find herbs here so that is how I stumbled on essential oils. I took several aromatherapy baths a week, heat therapy in a sauna, I did a 30 day baking soda protocol to remove parasites. The change was not subtle, it’s almost like a miracle happened in my body. I woke up one day and everything was great. I was not counting calories, watching the scale, I was in pursuit of a healthier me so it was not all about what the scale said, sometimes that can become the focus and nerve wrecking if you don’t see results as quickly as you expect.

I did not pay attention to the changes my body was experiencing till I started getting complements. My skin was glowing, I lost tons of weight, I lost 30lbs over a period of 2yrs and I looked stunning if I must say so myself.

I continue to use EO daily as part of a healthy lifestyle. My 2 year old baby knows how to use them too. I keep pre-diluted roller bottles on the sink so every once in a while throughout the day he will grab one or two and smear it all over himself. I believe EO were instrumental in my healing journey that is why I am so passionate about helping you achieve your health goals with EO.

subscribe and or email me and tell me how I can help you use the tools that have been provided to us by our creator to enhance our bodies’ self-healing mechanisms. Thanks again for reading my story.

   Have an oily day!!    

Quartier Bamenda (Quartier Oyack) Zone Industrielle Elles sont victimes du déguerpissement massif qui s’est déroulé dans la zone Industrielle de Bassa les 21 et 22 aout 2014.

This is the neighbourhood I grew up in, demolished to the ground. In August 21 and  2014 a company called MAGZI claimed ownership over the land stating that they have investors ready to build a smelting  plant there. everyone was kicked out with no where to go. over 25,000 unfortunate souls were left homeless my mom and siblings included. More to come on this