Early Morning Memories

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I breathe in the scent of morning dew, dripping from the leaves of the lilac trees, listening to the song of the blue jay, in the moment where the world is slow, and only the appreciative may witness the way you can love in the beginning. I watch as the…

Hats Are Not for Cats!

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Hats Are Not for Cats! by author / illustrator Jacqueline K. Rayner Age Range: 4 years – 7 years Publisher: Clarion Books Publication Date: August 20, 2019 An obnoxious, loud mouth, hat wearing dog lets a cat know on numerous occasions that hats are not for cats as a…

Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat comes from the Hebrew word to rest and shalom means peace. All you’re doing when you say shabbat shalom is blessing someone with our heavenly father’s peace and rest. Hebrew is an action language. Hear, keep, guard, remember means obey. How can they obey if they have not heard; and how will they hear if they are not taught? … More Shabbat Shalom!

Pray often, your life depends on it!

We talk about saving time as if we can pack it into a box for a rainy day. But no matter what we do, the minutes and hours tick by, unaltered by our efforts to change their pace. So, instead, we try to change ourselves. We batch tasks, schedule every moment, and caffeinate ourselves in an attempt to get to work a bit earlier and keep working a few minutes later. Still, time slips through our fingers, and only Elohim knows the day and the hour when the race against time will end for us. … More Pray often, your life depends on it!

The legal system…what a joke!

Without going into the gory details of my abusive relationship living at a domestic violence shelter has opened my eyes to a world I never thought existed. I thought certainly my case was an isolated case right but….sounds like all these abusers have a text book they study and practice. It is insane. It’s a cult of violence that is getting worse by the day. I only thought these things existed in movies but …this is worst than reality TV. … More The legal system…what a joke!

Blessed are the meek…

Right now this very second, somebody somewhere in the world does not have a meal, has not had one for days but they are grateful to be alive; someone does not have a home but they are grateful for the rug they are able to lay on; most children in several third world countries do not have shoes or clothes to change into every day but they are grateful for the simple things that Abba gives us all freely. Remember to be grateful for every second of everyday without waiting till thanksgiving or the secular hol-i-days to pretend because at that point it does not count. You will be too stressed to even be grateful. … More Blessed are the meek…