The journey begins…

Finally getting away from an abusive relationship is only the beginning of a rough road back up out of a deep dark valley. I had 2 cars when I was single, a nice duplex of my own which I adored, a great job which I loved and was at for 10 years. sold both my cars when we started living together, stopped working a few days before I delivered. Barely escaped with my life… I am blessed and highly favored. No weapons formed against me shall prosper!!

The domestic violence shelter was a blessing from above. Gearing up for a new chapter in my life. Be strong, be strong and be strengthened…goes the Hebrew saying. How did I survive? I’m glad you asked, there is a melody in my heart and no amount of pain and suffering will take it from me.

Rhythm of my Heart

Don’t forget to like, follow, share and leave comments or questions. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to peek through little portals of my story as they chose to come out in writing. I am gathering my thoughts in this blog to go into a book of the same title. I am not set on the title. If after reading you decide there is a better title, you can email me or leave a comment. I will seriously consider all suggestions. If you have a question that is not clear from something you read, please let me know and I can create a blog to answer your question that way others who might have had the same questions will benefit as well. If you are going through something similar, you can email me privately if you wish not to comment. I would like to eventually interview people with similar stories and subsequently do a docu-series to go with the book. Identities of those who wish to remain anon will be protected, name changes etc.

I am grateful you are here, everything happens for a reason. Looking forward to getting to share my struggles and successes with you in hopes that you will be strengthened, empowered and encouraged.

Spanish, English and French Translation/interpretation and multilingual services

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