Vertical Garden

Florist Flora Grubb created these vertical succulent gardens, and she sells kits in her San Francisco shop. Seems like a good time for the word “rad.” … More Vertical Garden

How to Grow Fall Mums

Chrysanthemums, called “hardy mums,” are not super-heavy feeders, so add a little compost when you plant them, then feed with a general-purpose fertilizer in early summer. Water regularly. In order to encourage a plant that’s less likely to flop over, trim off (called “pinching”) the tips of your plants anytime from late spring to early July, taking off no more than half the total height. You can do this a few times a season, if you like, but not any later than mid-July or you’ll cut off the flower buds. … More How to Grow Fall Mums

Cameroon Food

Ndolé Recipe Ingredients

dried bitter leaf (substitute spinach)
stockfish (dried fish or bunga)
20 oz dried or thawed frozen bitterleaf
2 cups raw peanuts
1lb beef stew meat (slightly bigger cuts)
1/2lb stockfish (dried fish/bunga)
1 large onion
6 garlic cloves
2 cubes 1″ ginger
2 sprigs parsley
salt to taste … More Cameroon Food

Type 4 natural hair care: How do you keep type 4 hair moisturized?

How can I hydrate my type 4 hair? Type 4 hair texture is the characteristic thin and fine or wiry and coarse hair that is extremely fragile. This hair type is common among people of African decent. It’s full densely packed tight coils are often described as “kinky.” Although people often think coily hair is robust, due in part to it’s high shrinkage rate. Type 4 hair shrinks from 25% to 90% of it’s actual length. In reality, coily hair is the most fragile hair type due to having fewest cuticle layers protecting it from dryness. Shrinkage therefore maintains moisture, elasticity and minimizes breakage. … More Type 4 natural hair care: How do you keep type 4 hair moisturized?